World Water Day 2019 WRIPE

Being the leading global organization that is entrusted to cope with key challenges of mankind, United Nations clearly indicates the goals that should be achieved by its member states before the end of 2030. These goals are officially recognized as Sustainable Development Goals or SDGs.

As in previous years, this year too, UN-Water has come forward as per SDG 6 to address the persisting water crisis faced by many nations the world over. ‘Leaving no one behind’, UN-Water has already launched their new official web site on World Water Day 2019 to encourage those who are ready to work together towards achieving SDG 6.

I am one of those who are ready to join hands with the rest of the world in their march towards achieving SDG 6. However, my strategy is bit different. Based entirely on people who love to write, it works like this:

There are many writers in this world who have potential to become authors but who are, due to various reasons, have been unable so far to make their voices heard across the world or bring their stories to the pages of a book — either online or paperback. I lend them a hand. I have done it before. I can do it again.

What I do is, I invite those aspiring writers who are active in online writing platforms like (I am no longer active in it anymore, however) to participate in my numerous Writing Projects that I fondly call ‘WRIPES’. This was how it happened in 2018 when I was a Brand Ambassador for

All WRIPES starts with a simple word document in Google Drive, shared between me and the lucky writer who accepts my invitation. His / her first challenge is to write 500 words on that shared word document focusing on a particular UN initiative. In this case; World Water Day 2019. I will be the editor :)

The writing prompt for World Water Day 2019 for everyone is somewhat easy, simple and common:

The participant has to imagine that there is a water crisis in his / her area. In the first 100 words he / she should describe the water resources in his / her area. In the next 200 words he / she should elaborate how these water resources can be affected by an unexpected water crisis. Last 200 words the writer should utilize to explain his / her own solution / s to overcome the issue of acute water shortage :)

If this 500 words draft on World Water Day 2019 works out fine, the writer is then invited to publish his / her story in Wattpad - a global community of readers and writers that exceeds 65 million. The writer would be provided an attractive book cover with the water day logo to publish his her book :)

For additional story images or videos the writer should use only those that are license-free. If the story is really good I might go far as writing a personalized blog post or creating a promotional video on it :)

Depending on the popularity gained on this 500 word mini-story on World Water Day 2019 the writer will be given the real challenge; writing an e-book of 10,000 words on World Water Day 2019 under my guidance. I will edit and enhance the draft e-book he / she may write — in the same way he / she produced the mini-story — on a shared word document through Google Drive :)

Once he / she hits 10,000 words of the draft I will design an attractive book cover one more time and it would be time to write the foreword, introduction and acknowledgments i.e. the front matter and the back matter of the e-book on World Water Day 2019 :)

I will be always at the writer’s side providing necessary instructions. If the draft e-book is up to the expected standards the writer will be directed to download Amazon KDP to his / her PC and design the anatomy of the e-book according to his / her preference. Then it is only a click away to publish your e-book on Amazon :)

Interested? Okay, but first let’s understand the Number 06 of the Sustainable Development Goals. Then it is time to raise awareness about World Water Day 2019 among the world community with your 500 words. This way, not only you are bringing much needed attention on those who are in need of water but also you might be taking your first step towards making your 'best-selling-author' dream a reality!

Already familiar with SDG-6? Excellent, here are the steps you should follow to join my current Wripe on World Water Day 2019!

  1. Drop me a 'hi' to my easily remembered email address:
  2. Within the course of the day you will receive a link to the shared word document which I explained above :)
  3. Write your 500 words according to the writing prompt given. This would be mentioned at the top of the word document also :)
  4. Inform me once you have finished so I can start editing, enhancing and designing a suitable book cover :)
  5. Publish your 500 words draft as a mini e-book on Wattpad!
Hope to see your mini e-book in Wattpad, this evening!


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